Fata, otherwise known as Cecilia (1800s), Cecile (Early 1900s), CeCe (Mid 1900s), and Cindy (most recent) in civilian life was born in Queen City, 1872, the only child of two educated and emancipated citizens, the father a prospector and the mother a nurse.

She has tried to keep a low profile since learning that she was quite a bit different from her family and friends. Certain abilities seemed to come up that allowed her to manipulate time and gravity. She realized these things about the time she turned 13 and ran away from home to try to live her life without interfering with others or drawing attention to herself as much as she could.

Sometimes these new-found powers were erratic. She had to learn how to deal with them and keep them hidden. Some from her old life had noticed these things and had begun to whisper and talk to each other about witchery and possible possession.

Keeping a low profile often involved traveling from place to place (all over the world) and taking on jobs that kept her out of the public eye. She never saw or heard from her parents or friends again.

To complicate matters, Fata found in her early-thirties that she never seemed to age as the people around her did. She was never sure if her aging was simply slowed or if she was aging at all, until the late 1990s, when her hair began to turn silver.

This complication made her become even more aloof and secretive.

It was easy to keep a low profile and shift in and out of made-up identities on her own until the mid-60s when identity papers became more and more prominent and intelligence agencies and technologies became more advanced. It became impossible to hide. In the ’70s, she was found and interrogated by an organization that called themselves “The Founders.” From what Fata could gather, The Founders were the people behind the making of any important city, government, organization, or force that held any amount of power in the world. They were like ghosts, however, who worked in the background and held all the strings.

It was important to cooperate, otherwise Fata’s cover would be blown, she could be imprisoned forever or destroyed.

It turns out that The Founders have been a great help. They have changed Fata’s identity any time it has been needed and have created work for her so that she is able to function in society without being noticed for what she is. There is a trade off, though. Intermittently, The Founders call upon Fata to carry out assignments for them. She has never said no to these assignments.

It has been twelve years since Fata’s last contact with the Founders.

Twelve years ago, she had come back home to Queen City in search of any information about her parents and two close friends from her school days, Effie Taylor and Ada Mae Corn. She has been looking for any sign of them, hoping that finding them might help her in some way. She has almost given up on the search and is struggling with a yearning for a connection with those who are like her or who can understand how she has had to live and who may be able to help. She is also looking for a way out of being beholden to The Founders and is not even sure that is possible.

As part of this search, Fata has recently become an Aegis agent and has her eyes on the Transhuman Movement.

Currently, Fata works as a social worker under the name of Cindy Cole. She is angry at all the injustices in the world, and is especially angered from injustices towards children. She is curious about what is happening with mutants and the Transhuman Movement in the current day.

Her codename, dubbed by The Founders, is Hulda.


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