Welcome to the Mile High City.
Queen City is a city in transition and turmoil. Once a beneficiary of the oil and gas boom, Queen City has become a veritable Silicon Valley in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. High tech jobs have spurred the growth of the once sleepy “cowtown” and drawn the attention of fortune seekers of all stripes. Queen City now rivals the coasts as centers of super-human activity, for both good and ill. Technology isn’t the only power in Queen City. The government has chosen Queen City as the Shadow Capital of the nation. Thus, for super-humans looking to make a name for themselves, Queen City provides a target-rich environment. And what’s to be made of the odd sightings of things that can only be called myths in the mountains nearby? Or the increase of what can only be called UFOs? No one can say with certainty. But one thing that is sure is that times are changing rapidly.

Queen City was founded in November of 1858 as a mining depot and supply stop for fortune seekers heading further west. Until recently, Queen City was known as a nice place to raise a family and to enjoy the closeness of the majesty of the Rocky Mountains. That was before the Collision Incident.

Rumors of the existence of supercollider under Mountain State University had been circulating for years. The rumors were proven true after a cataclysmic accident when the supercollider opened a hole to a different dimension. The resulting explosion resulted in a massive amount of extra-dimensional energy spilled over Queen City and the surrounding areas. Before the explosion had the chance to expand and cause catastrophic damage, it collapsed on itself and sealed the hole between realities.

It is unknown what effects the Collision Incident had upon Queen City. What is known is that supers, such as Vox , Filth and Infinity Circuit, have begun to call Queen City home.

Queen City is located in the center of the Front Range Urban Corridor, between the Rocky Mountains to the west and the High Plains to the east. Queen City’s topography consists of plains in the city center with hilly areas to the north, west and south.

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