Mountain State University


Mountain State University sits in the Auraria District of Queen City. Known as a foremost institution of research and education, MSU is a hub of scientific thought nationwide. The military also sees MSU as an indispensable think tank and R&D resource.

Unfortunately, the Collision Incident has tarnished the university’s reputation. The public now views the institution with suspicion after it learned that the Incident was caused by the hidden supercollider underneath the campus.

Seeking to repair the rift in trust, MSU now pledges to conduct all experimentation openly, excluding defense work, of course. Dr. James Strom, head of the Physics department, and by extension the supercollider project, has promised to face any repercussions that may come his way. He is due to appear before a grand jury in order to determine if legal action will be pursued in response to the Collision Incident.

Mountain State University

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