Dr. James Strom

Department Head of Physics, Mountain State University


Nobel Laureate in Advanced and Theoretical Physics. Head of the Science department and Physics department chair at Mountain States University. Revered humanitarian and scientist. Dr. James Strom represents one of the best examples of human ingenuity has to offer. Unfortunately, 2014 has been a very bad year for the doctor.

Dr Strom was the head of the supercollider project that resulted in The Collision Incident. Taking full responsibility for the incident, Dr. Strom is set to appear before a grand jury to determine fault and what legal action, if any, should be pursued relating to the incident.

Known as a generous man who has contributed countless hours researching a source of free, limitless energy and even more time and money to numerous charity causes, Dr. Strom cuts a sympathetic figure in the community and has shown incredible remorse for the devastation visited upon the community. Dr. Strom has pledged to put all of his energy to determining the effect that the Collision Incident may have had on Queen City.

Dr. James Strom

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