Adventures in Queen City

Issue #3

A walk with Alpine

Alpine broke free of the rock that Filth had collapsed on top of him.

TNT approached the nine foot behomoth Alpine and seemed to be making headway when Filth unexpectedly attacked. Alpine reacted but it was Filth’s own words that calmed him down enough to listen.

The group was able to talk with him and discovered that he was the Chef (aka Cookie) on the USS Eldridge with TNT back in 1943 serving under Admiral Harrington Jr. His daughter was Accelaratrix. She had become critically ill and had no hope of surviving and they met a man who only went by the name, ‘The Doctor’. The Doctor promised he could help Cookie’s daughter Jennifer. He saved her life by doing tests on her that also imbued her with the speed powers that she now has. The doctor also did tests on Cookie that turned him into the rock giant that he is and cannot change back into human form.

Alpine had no idea that they were in the future and he told the group that The Doctor had said he was going to get them to the future.

The group convinced Alpine to join them in completing their mission to deliver the conducting liquid for the ultra plasmoid. They did this successfully, and met with Caldwell who dressed them down for not restraining and securing Alpine.

After much discussion when it seemed Caldwell was going to pull Alpine into Aegis to secure him or possibly imprison him, Al Darcy (Infinity Circuit) attending the mission as scientific aid and the usually quiet unassuming student gave a very convincing argument as to why Alpine needed to assist them on the mission.

As the group split to recuperate, Darcy decided to scope out the location of Die Eule’s last hideout (described by their new ally(?) Alpine). The warehouse was abandoned, but traces of the Lupewaffe were evident. Darcy found a note written in German (sie sind verlqssene “you are abandoned”) and Die Eule was nowhere to be found. A collapsed tunnel prevented any easy tracking of the villain and his accomplice Acceleratrix. Further inspection yielded another note with the name Strom and an oddly familiar address. Darcy took his new found lead back to the team at Tiger’s Trap.



Filth – was able to talk to
Die Owl might be immortal and possibly not able to be killed. If it seems something is going down with me, just get away. Don’t unearthly forces that Filth has to deal with that operate on that scale and he is a minor player in the larger scope.

Thule is the seed of Scandanavian Ultima Thule is the home of the Aryan race
The werewolves claimed that the person who turned them into werewolves was from Thule as well. Filth has some associates that were from Ultima Thule.

The group met at the Tiger and were giving updates on what they discovered in the few hours break after their mission was completed.

Issue #3

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