Adventures in Queen City

Issue #2

Welcome to A.E.G.I.S.

As the battle with the first members of the Lupewaffe came to an end A.E.G.I.S. agents arrive on the scene. Infinity Circuit quickly disappears to the surprise of the other heroes. Unbeknownst to them he was on the trail of strange figure clad in an avian themed costume. As Infinity Circuit closed in, the stranger ducked into a building and choking smoke began to pour out. Infinity Circuit was unable to track his target in the dense cloud and saving the inhabitants of the building took precedent. As the last of the tenants was dragged out, a single bolt of dark particle energy arced into the air to alert any heroes and A.E.G.I.S. agents nearby. Infinity Circuit then returned to the courthouse and assumed his secret identity as Al Darcy. The group of heroes were then introduced to a man Dr. Strom introduced as his graduate physics assistant.

In an attempt to determine what had happened that day, the heroes were questioned by their new A.E.G.I.S contact, Lt. Sarah Caldwell. It was immediately apparent that she cut an imposing and severe figure. She seemed unsatisfied with the lack of information, but thanked the new super group for their assistance in taking down the Lupewaffe. The team then accompanied Dr. Strom to his makeshift laboratory at Quark Industries and were informed that several key shipments of scientific materials would be arriving in the next few days. Among them were a shipment of super conductive fluid and matter from the super plasmoid. Finding themselves drawn into the situation by the events of the day, the team volunteered to assist with convoy security. Lt. Caldwell was unsure, but agreed to secure the necessary credentials.

The team was taken in the elevator to a secret sub floor beneath the Quark Industries building which housed the A.E.G.I.S. outpost in Queen City. The super team was then informed that they would need to submit to a brain scan to get fitted with the Titan Link technology. After a tense few minutes, Al Darcy volunteered to be the first to be fitted with this cutting edge piece of technology. After a bit of reluctance, the rest of the team submitted to the same procedure. When it came time for Vox’s scan, Caldwell was unable to complete the scan. Specialist technicians were called in to adjust to Vox’s angelic brain patterns. With their induction as the newest A.E.G.I.S. field agents complete the team retired for the night. They were told to meet at a non-descript airport parking lot at 0800 the next morning.

Early the next morning the team assembled and met their pickup in shuttle bus. As they got in, they were introduced to the gate agent. He informed them that they would be meeting the cargo plane at Queen City International Airport. The super team arrived as the super conducting fluid was loaded onto a specialized delivery cart. Two other carts accompanied it and the team loaded up with several A.E.G.I.S. agents. The convoy proceeded to an underground tunnel. Filth felt a tremor in the ground and alerted everyone through the Titan up-links. The team assumes defensive positions and Filth sinks into the ground to try and get a better read on the bearing of the tremor. Shortly, the tunnel explodes and a cloud of debris envelops the convoy. A blur and a massive monster made of stone and ice appears. The same mysterious figure that Infinity Circuit chased earlier also appears. In short order the A.E.G.I.S. agents are knocked out and the team is struggling to put a stop to the villains. Filth focuses on the earth monster, trying to use his powers to subdue the creature. TnT assists with the monster, but then takes on the apparent leader of the attackers. Evan is concentrating on the furiously quick Acceleratrix. Vox uses her angelic shouts on the attackers, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Al Darcy is struggling to balance his desire to help with his need to keep his identity a secret. His conflict leads him to be ineffective during the fight and the team is quickly finding itself overwhelmed. TnT, Evan and Filth are all knocked out. Vox attempts to heal them as the earth monster picks up the super conductive fluid. Darcy expends all his energy in a bid to stop the villains with a dark particle blast. His attempt fails and he loses consciousness. As Filth recovers, he encases Alpine in a prison of earth. The move is enough to stop the earth monster while Die Eule and Acceleratrix escape. However, as the two villains disappear down the dark tunnel, the encasement of earth begins to break apart…



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