Adventures in Queen City

Issue #1.1

Time N Time Again.

Basic Notes from Issue 1.1.h1. (Guys this is a rough take, lots missing so please edit or add as you see fit)

It has been months since the great rift / explosion occurred. Through the portal Evan Ellis and TnT were transported.

Vox has been stuck on Earth for some time after she was tricked by a demon. Filth traveled to Queen City from England in hopes that the elemental punk may feed his god, ___________ by finding fodder that may have come through the rift.

Infinity Circuit unbeknownst to the others has been working closely with and is the assistant to Dr. Strom.

Due to the damage the Super Collider had caused a hearing was called in which Dr. Strom would take the stand. TnT and a security team hired by Quirk Industries were to escort Dr. Strom safely into the courthouse. Large crowds had shown up for the much talked about hearing as well as AEGIS to give added security.

As Strom was being ushered into the courthouse, howls of wolves echoed throughout the city blocks coming from high above the rooftops.

Evan Ellis was the first to pinpoint that the shrieking was coming from on top of the courthouse and teleported to the roof where he discovered 3 werewolves wearing T-shirts with buttons, armbands and hip slogans.

Filth was the next to sense what was going on and quickly made his way up the many stairs to the roof where he and Evan Ellis faced the wise cracking beasts. Evan was unexpectedly knocked unconscious when he failed an attacked. Filth stood his ground and took one of the gang wolves on.

Vox, TnT and Infinity Circuit each made their way to the battle and joined the fight. It was easy to tell the good from the bad, even though none of the characters had never met.

Infinity Circuit and Vox took out two of the wolves while Filthy grappled with one on the edge of the rooftop. TnT was having no luck using his temporal powers and Evan Ellis still layed unconcious.

Vox eventually healed Ellis and awakened him as TnT gave the final blow to the last standing werewolf. No sooner had the fight ended and a riddle of gunfire rang through the air from below.

The group discovered a large group of werewolves had attempted to get into the courthouse but were turned away by the AEGIS soldiers. The final 5 wolves attempted to flee but Infinity Circuit took two out while Filth brought the remaining three to their knees by rumbling the earth beneath them.

TnT leapt from the building using his rocket boots and landing square on one of the wolves and used his chronal blast to incapacitate the 2nd. Vox flew down to assist and sang her angelic siren to deafen the final member.

Meanwhile, Filth and Evan Ellis tied up and interrogated the 3 captured werewolves on the rooftop. Ellis even banishing one of them to another dimension intimidating them and getting a bit of useful information from this lowly gang serving not a leader but the "white race’.

Vox and TnT found Dr. Strom wandering the streets looking for his assitant Allen who was lost in all of the chaos. The two heroes carried Strom to safety on the rooftop where they joined the others, only to witness the horrific interrogation continuing as Filth forced gravel down a bloody wolves mouth killing him. T

his fulfilled his gods needs to be fed. TnT quiping "looks like I just met the big cheese and I been swissed. "

more to come……



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